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Hot Gym Class Video
How to get men to work out?

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[HyperLinkImage1] Crazy Dive
This guy is super crazy....great show

[HyperLinkImage2] Salsa Girl
you wonder how they are so good when they dance......practice...practice...practice

[HyperLinkImage3] Memories
Hot and young at heart he looks for his first love.

[HyperLinkImage4] Office Cat
You see what minimum wage does. For a little more money they could have gotten a dog....

[HyperLinkImage5] Funny Gymnast
kind of weird but funny.

[HyperLinkImage6] Laser Show
This is awesome...must watch

[HyperLinkImage7] The real fight club
Incredible and illegal footage

[HyperLinkImage8] Lucky Arab
You need luck in this life

[HyperLinkImage9] Airport Security
This is one way to avoid the security

[HyperLinkImage10] Sick Kangaroo
One twisted puppy

[HyperLinkImage11] Adam and Eve
This is what really happened the first time they met

[HyperLinkImage12] Twins Ultrasound
Super nice special effects....

[HyperLinkImage13] Geisha Video
A bit aggressive for my taste.....

[HyperLinkImage14] Total Reality Game
Welcome to a very cheap version of the matrix.....

[HyperLinkImage15] Male Stripper Errors
For some reason I did not see the girls mind....

[HyperLinkImage16] Dog with Biceps
Only in Japan......

[HyperLinkImage17] Elevator
Very acceptable mistake....if you are a man!!!

[HyperLinkImage18] Collection of bad falls
Most of them are sport bloopers....

[HyperLinkImage19] Hot Gym Class Video
How to get men to work out?

[HyperLinkImage20] Sleeping kids
A great collection of kids falling a sleep

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