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[HyperLinkImage1] Live shoes
These are to die for

[HyperLinkImage2] Long Pants
At least 30 minutes to put on

[HyperLinkImage3] Shoe Umbrella
Now this is fashion

[HyperLinkImage4] Indian School Bus
Fuel economy to the max

[HyperLinkImage5] Baby Car

[HyperLinkImage6] Scary bathroom Floor
This is super neat too....

[HyperLinkImage7] Biker Crash
This happen in Mexico....only one died...

[HyperLinkImage8] Hamster Love
What teamwork can accomplish

[HyperLinkImage9] Parking in germany
This is awesome.....

[HyperLinkImage10] Head Choke
That's the way to do it.....kill him while he is a sleep

[HyperLinkImage11] Near death experience
From what I am told the cat is ok.....

[HyperLinkImage12] Devil
That duck is smiling out of pure fear.....

[HyperLinkImage13] Pink Dreams
The owner must be a girl.....

[HyperLinkImage14] Sumo Ski Jump
This guy is for real..........

[HyperLinkImage15] Smart Kid
Great idea for lazy people

[HyperLinkImage16] Spiderman
Needs a new suit....

[HyperLinkImage17] Fake Chinese Merchandise
Make a simple mistake and make millions

[HyperLinkImage18] Cat and beer
Must be really thirsty....

[HyperLinkImage19] doraemon cat
A popular cartoon cat....

[HyperLinkImage20] Only Pleasure
Keeping a positive attitude saves the day....

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